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I am Countess Steel a Mature British Dominatrix based in London. I am the one and only blonde, blue eyed, British Mistress who has consistently dominated submissive’s in the Middle East for the past 5 years, soon to bring her inner Goddess to worthy New York slaves. I am definitely NOT for the faint hearted, if you prove yourself worthy of my attention you will be punished accordingly.

Whatever your predilection I will accommodate it, there is nothing that shocks me or surprises me. My submissive’s are simply unique in their lifestyle choices. I am softly spoken so will instantly put you at ease. I can assure you that the excitement of meeting me will only be enhanced by my terribly British accent and my sexy natural figure. I am the one that will graduate you from anal play to an actual strap-on. I possess the most beautiful, softest feet which are freshly pedicured each week. One of my favourite pastimes is foot trampling, gagging and smothering submissive’s with my tiny size 4 feet.

I am an expert in corporal punishment whether its using a crop, paddle, cane or my hand, although I have a secret penchant for a wooden paddle, this brings me the most joy. I never mark anyone’s skin unless specifically asked to. Well, maybe the odd bruise or two – I wouldn’t want you to forget me. I also enjoy nipple torture, cock and ball torture, and humiliation. I am a cruel Mistress when it comes to verbal punishment should you receive a tongue lashing from the Countess. In addition to all of my talents is role play and sensory deprivation, and if you’re extremely lucky I will reward trusty slaves with golden showers.

I adore electrics and love to restrain my slaves, rendering them helpless while I play with my magic wand. I use specialised medical grade gel and special lubricant for that delicate area. I am told this can make all the difference between fun and pain. I can also introduce a second British Domina into the session for a truly memorable experience, this does require an advance deposit.

I expect all initial enquiries to be via email and simply put “short and sweet”. My time is money and unless you have sent me a tribute to my email with a generous Voucher to spoil me there will be no lengthy conversations. Although, my UK number is advertised I do not pick up calls from new slaves. I expect an email first with a definite date & time when you hope to session, should I be happy to meet with you I will reply requesting a deposit and ONLY once that has been received, will I call you to confirm our session and answer any last questions.

My tribute differs greatly between the UAE, NYC and London and is tailor made to meet your needs. My deposit is non-negotiable because this separates the time wasters from the genuine ones and if I spent all day answering my phone – I wouldn’t be able to give my precious time to my worthy submissive’s. I will offer my valuable time over the phone and Skype at a future point via Niteflirt.

If you are in the UK/NYC you may email [email protected]
I respond quickly to emails that are polite, concise and provide all of the information stated on my website. I expect no less than 24 hours notice and I do not see anyone on the same day or without a deposit. All texts and phone calls from Submissive’s I have not met will NOT be answered.

If you’re in the UAE – I can be reached on +971567267637. This extends to Whats App but if you do not post your profile photo and post a selfie when requested you must call me personally. I do not respond to any whats app messages anonymously. I do not respond to texts at all. My rate in the UAE is the same as all Mistresses who operate there, so asking for a discount will simply result in me blocking you.

Do not forget who you are contacting, manners cost nothing. You are paying for the privilege of serving me. Sending an E voucher courtesy of for Emirates Mall to this number or my email address and/or Victoria Secrets in Dubai Mall will grant you an instant audience with me.

Tootle Pip for now.

Enquire: [email protected]