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London based and internationally known, Goddess Maya Liyer – Artisan Practitioner of the Femdom arts, an infusion of Oriental, Asian and Western influences. Multi faceted in BDSM, the activities I practice vary from traditional fetish, domination and submission through to a modern creative approach to real time sessions. All communications and appointments are conducted discreetly, privately and determined within a consensual exchange and encounter.

I am an exotic hypnotic fusion of Far Eastern and Western heritage, spanning continents as far and wide as China, Vietnam and France. This cross-cultural diversity equips Me with the skills, the knowledge and the insight into the Art of Femdom from both Western and Far Eastern perspectives. A Breath-taking, graceful, highly polished, petite Asian London Dominatrix, my artistry is multifaceted in BDSM.

With My extensive experience in the world of BDSM I will fulfil your wildest fantasies. During My journey as a Professional Dominatrix I have worked alongside the very best in the world and have amassed a deep understanding of all aspects of BDSM.

Dominance is within every fibre of My being, it always has been and always will be. I live every aspect of My life as a dominant woman, submissives belong at My feet, I have always known this, I have always experienced this.

Successful D/s experiences between consenting adults, are built on:

– Communication

– Honesty

– Safety

– Submission

– Trust

– Privacy

Are you prepared and equipped to take that leap of faith into your darkest desires, to crawl on your hands and knees in subjugation to Me, and to always show the utmost respect and deference to your chosen Deity?

If you are, know this… “I only want the very best for you. Now kneel before Me, bow your head and worship…”

Should you wish to organise an evening out after your appointment, know that in addition to My stunning appearance, I am also a highly creative, spiritual, down to earth, friendly, intelligent woman with a love for the arts, fine food and stimulating company. A perfect companion for travel, dinner dates, functions or shopping trips. I am very comfortable in the company of successful people and I will lead you by the collar along an enchanting path where you will discover your true self, and experience the fulfillment of pleasure and pain through exhilarating fantasy and role play with Me.

Goddess Maya Liyer –
+44 (0) 7511 505 100

London based Oriental Asian Professional Dominatrix. Artisan and practitioner of female dominance leads bespoke modern fetish sessions of a BDSM nature.

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